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What Is A Vasectomy?



A vasectomy is a simple office procedure performed on a man for the purpose of making him unable to get someone pregnant. The procedure is done by making a small puncture through the skin of the scrotum and cutting a tube called the vas deferens (hence ‘vasectomy’). Both the right vas and left vas are cut through a single midline puncture. The procedure is done under local anesthetic, requiring a minimal injection of xylocaine into the scrotal skin. Interrupting the vas deferens stops sperm from leaving the testicle and joining the seminal fluid, thus preventing pregnancy.

The American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ACOG) says the following about vasectomy:

“Vasectomy generally is considered to be safer than female sterilization and requires only local anesthesia. Risks of vasectomy include minor bleeding and infection.”

ACOG Practice Bulletin PB 133 Benefits and Risks of Sterilization:

“Compared with abdominal approaches to female sterilization, vasectomy is safer, more effective, and less expensive.”